:: biography ::
:: September 2003 ::
Formed a band called Mandragora composed of:

Ania Kluzinska - vocal
Bartlomiej Waszak - guitar
Tomek Rozanski - drums
Darek Grzelak - bass

The team practiced hard and creates the first songs.

:: January 11, 2004 ::
The first band concerts on the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in Aleksandrow Kujawski and Ciechocinek.

:: March, April 2004 ::
A concert in Torun FAMA'04 and Exchange Student Song.

:: May - September 2004 ::
Formed songs: "Your Tempter" (polish "Twoj Kusiciel") and "Taste of Destiny" (polish "Smak Przeznaczenia").
The team polished the whole material.

:: October 29, 2004 ::
We perform at the Struna'04 in Wloclawek and get recognition.

:: November 2004 ::
Creating the track "Children of the Red Fields".

:: December 4, 2004 ::
We participate in the Gitariada'04 in Aleksandrow Kujawski. We took third place, Annie gets award for vocals!

:: January - July 2005 ::
Created the song "Over Her Tomb".
Has performed extensively in the region!

:: July 2005 ::
The band played 3 concerts without Darek - just as a trio without a bass.
Unfortunately, Darek leaving the band.
In the band begins to play Adam Sobota. Adam also played in bands Underdark and Unreal.

:: July - August 2005 ::
We create the song "Sons of the Stars".
We play concerts at BMW Veteran Club Motorcycle Club in Torun and the Dzem Fan Club meeting in Slupca!

:: September 2005 ::
New bassist is Marek Skrenty. Marek also played in bands: Asyz, White Garden, Horyzont.

:: October 2005 ::
Created the song "Sunrisings".

:: November 19, 2005 ::
Rename the band name to HORDA. The first concert under the new name of Fado November 19!

:: December 10, 2005 ::
We participate in the XXXI Gitariada in Aleksandrow Kujawski. We occupy the first place!

:: January 2006 ::
Adam Sobota returns to the Horda and is on a permanent basis!

:: March 2006 ::
Formed songs: "Song of the Little Knight" and "Tander".

:: November 2006 ::
We participate in the "Struna XI" in Wloclawek and we took in second place! Bartlomiej gets a prize for playing the guitar!

:: 2007-2008 ::
We carry a new recording. We record 8 tracks:
Your Tempter, Sunrisings, Children of the Red Fields, The sons of Stars, Over Her Tomb, Taste of Destiny, Thunder, Song of the Little Knight.

:: May 12, 2008 ::
Date of publication of the new recordings!
New songs available on the sites: Jamendo.com, Last.fm, MySpace.com

:: September 27, 2008 ::
Birthday Concert at Club Fado! Celebrate 5th birthday of the HORDA.
Attendance record - at the bar ran out of beer!

:: October - December 2008 ::
Adam Sobota leaving the band.
In its place comes Adam Majewski.
Horda is preparing for a new hit!

:: January 11, 2009 ::
The first concert in the new lineup with Adam Majewski on bass.

:: February 2009 ::
Trailer record the new album. In the studio Adam Jedrzejowski record the song "My Home".

:: May - August 2009 ::
Intense concert! We play against Kobranocka and Zle Psy.

:: August 21, 2009 ::
Celebrate the 6th anniversary team.
Concert at Club Fado. Another record turnout!
:: 23 października 2009 ::
American publisher Quickstar Productions publishes album, "Rock 4 Life International volume 20".
Our track "Your Tempter" (polish "Twoj Kusiciel") was chosen for this compilation!
:: biography ::

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